Analytically Modeling NVM Design Trade-Offs


As considerable ongoing research is put towards developing emerging non-volatile memories, there is a growing interest in evaluating the potential of these technologies for enabling efficient compute in a variety of application spaces. While simulation tools for characterizing different NVMs at the array level exist, the increasingly complex design space introduced by emerging NVMs together with the need to assess the impact of application-specific performance and energy requirements demands the ability to conduct extensive and efficient system-level analysis. Our proposed, generalized framework provides an opportunity for analyzing the performance, power, and area implications of leveraging a particular proposed NVM technology under a specific use case.

Accepted as a poster in the Non-Volatile Memories Workshop (NVMW ‘20)
Akshitha Sriraman
Akshitha Sriraman
PhD Candidate

Akshitha Sriraman is a PhD candidate in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan. Her dissertation research is on the topic of enabling hyperscale web services. Specifically, her work bridges computer architecture and software systems, demonstrating the importance of that bridge in realizing efficient hyperscale web services via solutions that span the systems stack. Her systems solutions to improve hardware efficiency have been deployed in real hyperscale data centers and currently serve billions of users, saving millions of dollars and significantly reducing the global carbon footprint. Additionally, her hardware design proposals have influenced the design of Intel’s Alder Lake (Golden Cove and future generation) CPU architectures. Akshitha has been recognized with a Facebook Fellowship, a Rackham Merit Ph.D. Fellowship, and a CIS Full-Tuition Scholarship. She was selected for the Rising Stars in EECS Workshop and the Heidelberg Laureate Forum. Her research has been recognized with an IEEE Micro Top Picks distinction and has appeared in top computer architecture and systems venues like OSDI, ISCA, ASPLOS, MICRO, and HPCA.